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As an Architectural Photographer I definitely love shooting the big jobs, but I will take on numerous small jobs for local businesses that only need 5 images or fewer. My normal charge is a day rate along with a post-processing fee for each photo shot. Many times local businesses don’t always need enough images to justify paying a full day rate for just a few images, but still want high-quality images, so I will break down my day rate price to an hourly rate, plus a post-processing fee per photo for businesses within 50 miles of my residence. I really love my job and like to stay busy, but that doesn’t mean you should cheap out on your fees just to get more work. Not everyone can afford to hire a high-end Architectural Photographer, but by allowing them to just pay an hourly rate along with the post-processing fee, allows me to get more work, and allows them to get high-quality work without hiring a cheaper, less qualified photographer.

 This is an Architectural Image of an insurance building I shot in Bettendorf, IA, for a client who only wanted 1 exterior image of the building for the cover of a brochure. This client got a high-quality image and I got a job and still made my worth without sacrificing my rates. I still charged the same rate and same post-processing fee, it was just broke down. If your a local business in the Quad-Cities or within a 50 mile radius of the Quad-Cities, and in need of just a few images and don’t want to pay a high Architectural Photography  day rate, but still want those high-quality images, contact Gary Harris Images and get a quote for your next photo project. Gary will break down your job to an hourly rate, plus the post-processing fee per image.

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Luxury Limited Edition Prints & Open Edition Prints  

All Limited Editions are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Pearl Fine Art Paper, Metal or Acrylic.

All Open Edition Prints are printed on FujiColor Crystal Archive Pearl Paper.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Pearl Fine Art Paper

This glossy surface offers sharp detail, high intensity colors and a distinctive pearl-like appearance. All images are numbered and signed.

Metal Prints

Metal Prints represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on top of it, your images will take on an almost magical luminescence. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant is waterproof/ weatherproof and can be cleaned easily - just avoid direct sunlight. All Metal Prints come with a 3/4” Inset Frame. 3/4” Inset Frames are a great alternative to float mount hangers. Inset Frames are recessed from the edges of the print, so the print appears to float away from the wall when hung. All images are numbered and signed.

LexJet Face Mounted Metallic Acrylic Prints

This is the most Luxurious prints I offer. Acrylic Prints are beautiful Fine Art LexJet Metallic Prints face-mounted to 1/4” Acrylic with polished edges. Fine Art Prints produced this way show incredible visual depth and an almost 3D quality full of high definition details, beautiful tonal transitions and incredibly vibrant colors. Light that falls across and reflects off of the face of the piece is visually “trapped” within the acrylic glass and when properly lit, appears to be back-lit. LexJet Metallic Prints have a silver, almost pearl-like luminescence that adds to the overall luxury feel of these incredible pieces. As various qualities of changing light fall across the walls of your home or business, the luminescence of the art changes as well, bringing the work to life before your very eyes. All images are numbered and signed.

All Luxury Limited Edition Fine Art Prints come with an Embossed Certificate of Authenticity, which is numbered with edition number, dated, signed and has the title of the piece, a ‘Thank You” card and a pair of White Cotton Gloves for handling your print.

Shipping included with all orders in Continental US.

Just visit the Print Shop for pricing and available sizes on all prints.


As an Architectural Photographer it is imperative that you not only have a high-end camera, but you also need high resolution. I am shooting high-end jobs for Architects and Interior Designers, Hotel & Resort Owners & Commercial Business Advertisement. They are using the images for their portfolios, for the Architectural Award submissions and to advertise their Business or Resort and they not only want high resolution images, but that’s what they are paying for. There are many Architectural Photographers out there using Medium Format Cameras, because of the high resolution and the detail that these cameras provide. These cameras also come with a very high price tag as well. Most Architectural Photographers are using Full Frame Cameras, like the Sony A7riii 42 Mega Pixel, Canon 5D Mark iv 30 Mega Pixel or the Nikon D850 47 Mega Pixel. Sony has now released the Sony A7riv 61 Mega Pixel with the new Exmor R CMOS sensor, which has incomparable high resolution. This camera does have a hefty price tag $3499, but still a lower price tag from the Medium Format Cameras, and Sony will boast that this new sensor at 61 Mega Pixels will provide higher resolution than some of the Medium Format Cameras. This has become Gary Harris Images camera of choice over the Sony A7riii. I absolutely love this camera and the resolution and detail is stunning. I not only use this camera for Architectural Photography, I’m also using for my Landscapes and Macro Flowers & Plant Photography. By using this camera for my Fine Art Products, it allows me to print large with amazing detail. If you’re looking to upgrade your camera to a higher resolution, you should take a look at the Sony A7riv.

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