BlackHawk Hotel

As an Architectural Photographer you get to photograph some amazing structures. This is one of them. The BlackHawk Hotel in Davenport, IA. The BlackHawk Hotel is a Historic hotel that was built in 1915. It has some amazing features and gorgeous architecture. I did a Photo of the Gold Room, which is a banquet room located on the 2nd floor. I also photographed a section of the 2nd floor overlooking the 1st floor lobby. I photographed this image to highlight the beautiful glass in the ceiling. The next photo was down on the first floor near the exit to the River Center, which is where you can go use the computers set up for guests. The architecture with the columns and the detail on the ceiling are just amazing. The last photo is near the entrance from the parking lot. This is where you enter through those old round turn style doors. I wanted to highlight the piano area with the stairway leading up to the second floor with all the gorgeous marble. I did just a few photos for one of the managers there for some promotion they were doing. It was a real pleasure to be able to go in such a beautiful historic place and take some photos, even if it was just only a few.

Interior Design Small Bath

Heather Sherman is an Interior Designer for ConceptBath in Davenport, IA. She does a lot of designs for small bathrooms and kitchens in modest homes, taking them from old and dated to modern and beautiful. She also needs high-end photography for her portfolio to show off her beautiful designs. That is where I come in. When I did this job, Heather needed only 2 images of this rather small bathroom. I set up my equipment and got all the footage I needed for these 2 images in about 45 minutes. Each image was 2 to 4 images that were blended together in Photoshop to get the desired final look. This was an easy shoot. There was no staging or moving furniture around, just set up at the right height, create a pleasing composition and hit the room with a little flash to crisp up the images.

Architecture Insurance Exterior

As an Architectural Photographer I definitely love shooting the big jobs, but I will take on numerous small jobs for local businesses that only need 5 images or fewer. My normal charge is a day rate along with a post-processing fee for each photo shot. Many times local businesses don’t always need enough images to justify paying a full day rate for just a few images, but still want high-quality images, so I will break down my day rate price to an hourly rate, plus a post-processing fee per photo for businesses within 50 miles of my residence. I really love my job and like to stay busy, but that doesn’t mean you should cheap out on your fees just to get more work. Not everyone can afford to hire a high-end Architectural Photographer, but by allowing them to just pay an hourly rate along with the post-processing fee, allows me to get more work, and allows them to get high-quality work without hiring a cheaper, less qualified photographer.

 This is an Architectural Image of an insurance building I shot in Bettendorf, IA, for a client who only wanted 1 exterior image of the building for the cover of a brochure. This client got a high-quality image and I got a job and still made my worth without sacrificing my rates. I still charged the same rate and same post-processing fee, it was just broke down. If your a local business in the Quad-Cities or within a 50 mile radius of the Quad-Cities, and in need of just a few images and don’t want to pay a high Architectural Photography  day rate, but still want those high-quality images, contact Gary Harris Images and get a quote for your next photo project. Gary will break down your job to an hourly rate, plus the post-processing fee per image.

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