The Living Room

When I go on an Architectural Photography assignment, I find out what the client wants and then design the images to fit their needs. I have an artistic approach when designing the images (Like Mike Kelley says, “Where Art Meets Architecture”, but it is also important to make sure that the images will fit the needs of the client. In this case of the Living Room, the client wanted 4 main things. #1 They wanted to show the overall size of the space. #2 They wanted to show that the large picture windows lit the space with beautiful natural light. #3 The wanted to highlight the fireplace. #4 And they wanted to show how open the space was. This was a gorgeous Living Room and this was also the same level as the front entrance, with stairs leading up to the Kitchen and Dining area, as well the other rooms in the home and stairs leading down to the Family Room and Rec Room. I did not show this in this series of images. This was shown with a different set of images. I just mentioned this, because the Living Room opens up into the Kitchen and Dining Area and this was something I highlighted in the third image. I designed the first image to show the over space of the Living Room and how the beautiful natural light illuminated the entire space. That is why this home was shot at this time of day. I designed the second image to highlight the fireplace and the third image to show that the Living Room was the lower level and that you could see up into the Dining and Kitchen area. As well lit as this room was, I did hit these images with a little flash. I did not use flash to actually light the room, but to make sure that the colors were correct, to sharpen up the images a little and bring you the beautiful view from outside. With that said, I end up having multiple images that I will blend together in Photoshop. I am not going to go into detail about photo editing, that will be for another blog. Remember, when shooting spaces like these, the angles, the height of the camera, and the composition all have a factor in the overall look of the image. When it’s all said and done, These are the 3 final edited images I delivered to the client. 3 very clean, natural looking well lit images.

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